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The Strokes Army

Enlist Today!

We want you!-Enlist Today!
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Anybody , Moderated



This idea literally just came to me when some people using my icon i made about a strokes army said they'd join, so rather than letting them down i have created a strokes army lj.

Basically the idea of what will happen in here is pretty sketchy, but i know i am going to need a few more mod's and perhaps some people to advertise and get people to enlist!

So if anyone has any ideas of what we could do with this ie-make it a rating community,a application required community etc etc than please let me know by leaving a comment in the Idea's post i am about to write!


-Charli a.k.a Retroism

Those who have been invited are auto accepted, other's need to apply using the application below

Please post this behind a lj-cut! You will be approved if enough votes say yes to this app. Mod's can sway all votes however

The Basic's

Profession(seriously now-no "Julian's bitch" or "Strokes Stalker" hehe):

You and you're Strokes obsession:

Liked the Strokes since:
What made you love them this much?:
What song would you say "got you hooked" with the Strokes and why?:
All time favourite Strokes Video and why:
All time favourite Strokes song and why:
Have you seen the strokes live and if so, give details please:
If you haven't, why not and do you intend to?:
Do you own any unusual Strokes merch,if yes, give details:
Own both albums and singles?:
Why do you like the strokes so much? What makes them so special?:
"Is this it?" or "Room on fire"?:
Do you enjoy/read/write fanfiction about the Strokes:
If you've written anything, would you share it on here?:
Pro Slash or Anti Slash?(for those unsure, slash is guy on guy love, eg nick and julian love,heh):

Strokes and the internet:

Favourite Strokes site for pictures of the guys:
Favourite Strokes site for news on the guys:
Favourite Strokes site for biographical type info on the guys:
Favourite Strokes Messageboard:
Do you have a Strokes website and if you do link it here

The Strokes in image:

Post three of your fave Strokes pics and state why you like them:

Random stuff now:

Word association-type the first word that comes into your head when you see the following words:

Julian Casablancas:
Nick Valensi:
Fabrizio Moretti:
Nikolai Fraiture:
Albert Hammond Jnr:
Tight jeans:
Juliet Joslin:
Amanda Decadenet:
Drew Barrymore:

and finally...

Give us a Strokes Lyric that identifies with you the most:
Have you promote in three communities/journals, and if so where?:



· You must,must must be a hardcore Strokes fan to be accepted, this will be tested in the application you will be required to fill in and post
· When posting anything particular large, use an LJ-cut, If this is all a big mystery to you head to here to unravel the mystery. No cut, no keeping of post.Simple as.
· When you post you’re application you must write “New Recruit reporting for duty” on the LJ-cut link ..Sorry it’s cheesy but it proves you have read these rules. :P
· You must promote in at least three different communities/journals before applying
· If you are denied membership please don’t take this too harshly, you can apply again one more time after a two week period has passed, if you fail again, sorry that’s it.
· With any weekly competitions we are holding, such as “Captionize this” the winner will be rewarded by being put on the members of the month list, and can have a custom icon made if desired by myself.




Awaiting Application